First Post!

Hello out there. Whoever you are that is interested in what I have to say. Probably not many people, but that is okay as I am writing this for myself primarily. Myself and my therapist/psych nurse. Isn’t is always the case that they want you to write down what you are thinking?

Well right now I’m thinking that I am a flake and will forget about this thing in about a month. Get bored, lose interest, forget. I’m hoping the $17 registration fee for purchasing this domain name thing will stop that from happening for a good long while.

There I go talking about money. I try not to. Just like I try to not talk about my dad. I just can’t help it sometimes. There are just certain topics I obsess about and it shows through in conversation. I try to check myself, but then I feel like exploding. I’m the fan girl that madly wants to make a Sailor Moon  joke to her grandmother who will not get it. Then gets all quiet till she is asked what is wrong, why do you look so sad? ‘Because we are making meatballs.’ AMIRITE?NOIMNOT.

Anyways, introductions. I’m Elizabeth Clark. I’m 21. I’m kinda crazy. I’m kinda scared of fa(i/l)ling.

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