Went Well

So now I have now had my first shift at the new job, gave my two weeks notice at my current job and I think I’m going to be ok.

New/old job was ok. Back story time! My first job back when I was in Grade 11 was — — (let’s call it Place), an Asian inspired stir fry place, was awesome. Fast forward to three years later, new management comes in and everything is horrible. The man did not know how to run a restaurant, let’s just leave it at that. So soon after he took over (I was a manager at this point) I quit, due to unrealistic expectations while going to college full time. I’ve had a few jobs since then, but now I’m back. Things are a little bit different now, but I’m really getting into the swing of things, and once I understand the flow of the line, I’ll be fine.

I was also nervous about quitting my current job, but that went smoothly, the owner didn’t seem to mind too terribly me leaving.  One of the servers seemed legit sad that I was  leaving, but the rest were fairly indifferent. More so because they know I’m in there all the time because it’s the only restaurant that is open a decently late.

Oh, also, I made a previous entry password protected, due to TMI girly stuff. I’m going to give the password to my nurse, and anyone that asks. (I don’t expect anyone to ask.)

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