I just don’t know *cries*

Sitting at work typing this up before I have to start. So far today I’ve gotten up, cleaned up after the party that was last night, eaten a great breakfast of apricot mocha pancakes, had a shower and then walked to work. Living the life I tell ya.

Today is Sunday so it is scrub all the glasses and sanitize them to death day. We also have to clean down all the shelves in the servery. And the dish pit if we get that far. It’s also Mother’s Day (Love you Mom!) so I don’t know how busy it will be. Usually restaurants are pretty bad today, but only time will tell. I kinda hope it’s busy so I get some good hours, but hope it’s dead so I can get my cleaning done and go see my mum.

Had a good heart to heart with my friend Mitch last night, talking about the future and all that jazz. I can’t wait till his lease runs out and he can move back here from Winnipeg. I miss him during the school year. It is a strange year with alot of friends moving away for grad school in the fall, or just plain moving to other cities for the heck of it. I’ll miss them all dearly.

Well on that note, I’m going to save this and post it when I get home after work.


Gog damnit. The main reason I was quitting my job was a wasn’t getting enough hours. So I was applying for a second job. I got and offer for longer shifts and at least one more shift a week. Unfortunately they were for pretty much the same times as my current job. I also had an interview at a hotel, so I told them I was available mornings, and the two jobs together would be enough. So I gave my two weeks, and had a shift at the new place. Now my current boss has offered me more hours. Now I don’t know what I should do. I’m used to this job now, I do like it all said and done, and I do like getting tips, whereas the cook job is in a step down of a restaurant, and I would be a cook so I would not be getting tips. The really tricky part is when I was being interviewed for the new job he told me how he had hired 16 people since decemeber who had left. That was kinda a warning sign to me, but i was hoping it was because people suck. Now telling him I’m leaving before really even starting, will be hard. Guh, I need to do some thinking.

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