The Day of Reckoning

Got up late today, and when I got out of the shower I found a lovely package for me waiting on the coffee table. Marble Hornets Season 1? Yes please. I didn’t notice it before going into the shower, but I didn’t have my glasses on so no real surprise there. It’s kinda interesting because I had a dream last night that I finally got my DVD in the mail and instead of the regular DVD it was just a burned CD in this weird textured jewel case. It felt like  hard bubble wrap.

Anyways I don’t really want to open my package until I find my glasses who seem to have gone MIA. I know I had then last night. I went to bed late due to agonizing over what I should do job wise, so I didn’t put them in my regular spot. Hmmm, maybe I took them off in the bathroom and someone put them on my dresser in the morning. Let me check.

Huh, that was weird, it was caught up in my fitted sheet. Not the one on  my bed bit the one in the laundry pile beside my bed. I just don’t know how my glasses always find themselves in weird spots. And looking for them gives me a headache. I’m going to take some ibuprophen or something.

And to take my mind off worrying that I have made the wrong descision about my job, I’ll sit here eating my breakfast and take down my initial reactions to the DVD.

First off, nice shipping packaging. Operator symbol stamped on the front and value of $20USD. My envelope had a hole in it but I’m sure it was fine.

Haha! Someone x-ed out the o in Marble Hornets on the packing slip. Blue pen. And on the back it says, “I’m already here.” Good touch.

It seems I got the limited edition “filmamker” edition. That’s exciting! Gotta love first run typos. Opening the plastic wrap… waitaminit, the imprint of “I’m already here is on the back. Did they write it with the paper on the DVD itself? Hmm. The case has a nice paper feel and the black and white aren’t solid. There is a faint blurry something there. Huh. Plastic bits in the case aren’t that good quality, but for 11.95, I can’t complain to hard. Popping it in. Black disk is the entries, and White is the special features. Going to wait to watch the commentary till I’m able to watch them all, so I’m going to check out the special features.

OK, that is a freaky menu. There one of those bar lights, distortion and someone saying something. Eep!

Well, the special features are kinda cool, could be longer, but I guess that is hard without giving away anything spoilery. I also th

Oh fuck you Michael. I told my brother never to put on his suit when I’m watching a Slendervlog! And what does he do? He goes the pantyhose route and steps into the hall and watches me and the TV in the mirror behind me. I told him if he ever did that I get to punch him in the face. So I ran down the hall, but he was too quick and ducked into him room and locked the door. He is lucky I have to leave for work in ten minutes, or I would be waiting him out.

Odd though, I thought he had school today. And just awesome! I have a nosebleed. Now I have to go ask my bass if he is just offering me the shifts for now, or if I’ll actually continue making enough to live on.

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