Michael didn’t mention anything when I got home, so I didn’t either. It’s really not that important, I was just scared for a second. Walking to work I even laughed about it. I kinda opened myself up to that sort of thing when I brought it up.

So it is almost 4am and I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because my bedroom is in the corner of the house and I can hear the rain dripping down. It is driving me crazy! It is supposed to rain till Thursday. The river that runs through the city I live in is already way flooded, we can’t even get to the highway. Emergency traffic only. they are evacuating the north end of the city, and the only business still open up there is Walmart. I doubt anything could close them at this point.

Since my dad is in the Reserves, he has been called to help with the sand bagging effort. he is sleeping in the Barracks until the main danger is past. I feel bad for him because even if he is an officer, I don’t imagine they have very good beds and his back is really messed up. Hip hip hurray for what Military service does to your body. I think I’m going to volunteer at the sandbagging Wednesday. I don’t really want to help tomorrow, as I wouldn’t be able to shower before work.

Well, I think I’m going to try and sleep again. Wish me luck.

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