Strange Noises

I’m really tired again today, but it’s not all that surprising. I made up a new drink last night and I had to test it out a few times. Yummy every time. I should note that I work in a restaurant so this is not just me drinking by myself, it is research. >.>

Anyways, the real reason I’m posting this is to say people and animals sound really funny when they are sleeping. I was sitting on my couch doing some work on my computer for Prairie Con (gaming convention I help run) when I heard this grunting murmuring. I could not for the life of me figure out what it was until I looked at my cat and he was breathing in time with the noise. He was snoring and it sounded like someone talking under their breath. Seems everyone in my household either snores or talks in their sleep. We would be horrible out in the wild.

So I might be going to the late show of Thor, and I’m pretty excited. I think it will be corny but good. It’s a superhero movie, you have to expect a certain level of maize.

I was super excited this morning as my package from What Pumpkin? arrived finally. I ordered this T-shirt a month and a half ago. I think it got lost in the mail, that is an awful long time for mail. But I am not a proud owner of a Squiddles shirt and am one step closer to my epic Rose Lalonde cosplay!

I’ve been putting off mentioning this but I accepted my current bosses offer of more hours in return for me staying. Have yet to inform the new boss I will not be returning. I think I’ll do it in person and hand back the uniform on my way to SCA (yet another geekerific thing about me). I suck at quitting jobs.

I have to go take the garbage and recycling out and get supper ready before my mom gets home so I guess I’ll sign out now.

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