Oh man, I just woke up at my computer, must have dozed off. Woke up to something shaking the couch I’m curled up on, must have been a truck. Bleh. I got called into work today and I am tired! The restaurant is so busy thanks to the flooding going on here.

Lets play a game of what google maps says the area looks like and what aerial photos taken today say the area looks like.

That second photo has my horrible MS Paint attempt at showing where the river used to be about two weeks ago. Many houses and businesses have been  put under mandatory evacuation, and more places are added to the list every day. I’m actually a bit scared because while I am up a hill from everything, one street over they are digging large ditches in a field to hopefully slow the water some. (I live on the edge of the city.)

What the hell!? I just felt my hair and my bangs are matted with something sticky. I think my head started bleeding.

I just checked in the bathroom, and it’s not just my bangs, behind my ears was bleeding too. I’m just glad I can’t feel anything. This is really gross. I’m having a shower. Goodnight all.

EDIT: OK, what? I was just checking my post to see if the pictures had worked when I saw the post before this one. I didn’t write that. What. The. Hell. Only thing I could think of is my Dad used to call my his little ragamuffin when I was younger. But he never called me a puppet. Who could have posted that? I think dad would have thought it was funny, but he is military so he is staying at the armory because he is helping the sandbagging effort. And yeah, he knows I am getting into all these creepypasta stories, but again, he isn’t here. I’m going to keep it up and not delete it, I’m far too interested in seeing where it came from.

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