Oh God what is happening!?

I owe you an explanation about what happened with the glass. I’ve been to freaked out to explain. I know you are all going to think I’m being cute, or whatever, but it was him. I know it was him. Dum de dum off to post on unfiction. NO! This is real. I’m not sharing this there. Someone else can but I don’t want this treated as a game. I’m not even going to check.

I was at work closing. Vacuming the floor near the till. I had been grumbling about the possibility of not getting time off for a friends wedding when this overwelming feeling of hate over came me. Then He came flooding in, black repressive coldness everywhere, I backed up so fast I fell over and cracked my head against a glass partial wall but I don’t think that was what knocked me out.  All I could feel was the overpowering hatred. But I don’t think it was directed at me. It was almost like he was trying to get past me, through me even.

No one was in the front at the time, so no one saw him. The security camera didn’t catch him. I’m sure I’m not crazy!

I’ve been staying at my boyfriends house and not sleeping alone. I can’t believe this is real. It can’ be but it is.

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