Home again. Hope I don`t regret it.

I finally am feeling safe enough in my own house. I slept here last night, and now again tonight until I drive with a friend into Winnipeg to go see Trigun Badlands Rumble! So EXCITED! Things at work have been great, I’ve been feeling very calm and collected. I haven’t broken anything since the till, and I love it! I’ve been feeling much more sedate and not in one of my down phases, but normal I guess? Is this what normal people feel like? I could get used to it. I think it has something to do with the time I spent at Alex’s house. Wait a minute…

There is someone driving around our block honking his horn. I have no idea why, but it’s past midnight! Go away! I don’t even want to look out the window, I know it’s some drunk ass in a truck. I apologize if you drive a truck and are not an ass, but I live in the city of Butts In Trucks. None of them know how to drive and don’t need a truck. It makes me sick the number of times trucks have almost hit me because the driver was to jacked up to see me. Height wise and just plain dumbness. Well I have to leave the city in 6 hours so I should get some shut eye. Love you all that will read this (will anyone read this?) and have good dreams.

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