Sooo, is that new banner at the top too creepy? Not sure yet. I’ll decide tomorrow. At boyfriends house, he is asleep, I’m trying to type this as quiet as I can. I have tomorrow off so I’ll be puttering around here, probably read some of my new Pathfinder book, maybe some of that book I got for my birthday. I’m only on the second chapter, but it’s really interesting so far. Full of Steampunk cops investigating zombies and glowing cops and murders. Awesome.

I’m so excited to move out. I’ve half moved out to Alex’s house for while his parents are gone, then I’ll move into Harvey’s house. He is a really good dude. I wonder if he will let me paint… I have to get a new bed though, that is worrisome. My grandparents offered to buy me a couch when I moved out maybe I’ll call in that and ask for a futon and use that as a bed.

I was looking at Ikea’s website and using their build a closet thing, really fun. Well, I thought it was fun. I love internet window shopping.

I’m so glad that light outside went out, the branches were making freaky shadows on the window while I was talking with Alex. Sorry to cut short but I should get some sleep.

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