Feeling run down.

I have some exciting news and some depressing thoughts. I’ve tried keeping these post somewhat happy, (really self? This is happy?) but I should really be honest here.

My good news is that I am moving house! I am going from my parents house to a friends place. It isn’t that far away so moving my stuff shouldn’t be that bad. Six blocks is hardly anything! Finally I’ll have some of that freedom I keep hearing about.

While I was packing I found one of the hats I knit a few years ago. A friend was pregnant with twins, and I had just gotten a circular loom, so I was excited to make some matching Gryffindor touques for them. Complications arose in her life, and the babies came out so weak one died within the hour and the other didn’t last the night. She was devastated and I really had no idea how to comfort her, never having been in this sort of situation. I was only 19 I think, and I really hadn’t had any experience with pregnancy, let alone losing babies. I don’t know why I keep those hats, I just can’t bear to throw them out. *sigh*

I have gotten word about my Grandma, she possibly has a slow brain hemmorage but we wont know until more scans can be done. I’m so scared for her and Grandpa. Another thing I don’t really know how to deal with. I feel like Crona from Soul Eater. I keep joking that I can’t handle situations to my boyfriend, but I really don’t know how to handle this one. The fact that she lives a couple hours away makes it harder. I’m traveling into Winnipeg for the Central Canadian Comic Convention at the end of the month and I’m thinking of getting an extra day off work so I can go in to visit them. I just feel so utterly helpless. I’m going to coffee with Mom tomorrow morning to talk about things.

Blech. Enough depressing shit. I’m going to poke around my computer to try and see why it’s not making any sound anymore, then go to bed. Goodnight blogosphere!

Haha! Someone just drove by with that Grease song playing! “I got chills! They’re multiplying, and I’m looooosing control. ‘Cause the power, you’re supplying, it’s electrifying!” There is my happy note to end on. Literally, a happy note!

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