About Me

This is the lair of the wild Elizabeth. She goes by many names such as Tengwar, Liz, Anne, Annette, Ragamuffin, Kitchen Witch, Shoe Face, and Invisilizibagabeth. She thinks this is funny.

Elizabeth’s have many interests and hobbies, such as watching anime, reading books, surfing the net, cooking, eating, costuming, talking in the third person, and fandom related things in general.

Elizabeth has a not-so-deep, dark, not-so-secret secret. She will willingly tell anyone who asks that she is bipolar and a teensy bit unhinged. But name one interesting person that had all their hinges securely fastened. She is afraid of many things and is prone to the  Panic Attacks and mood swings and breakdowns that come with all that.

All in all, she is determined to live her life the way she wants, with the person she wants, her wonderful boyfriend, Alex. ❤


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