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Sooo, is that new banner at the top too creepy? Not sure yet. I’ll decide tomorrow. At boyfriends house, he is asleep, I’m trying to type this as quiet as I can. I have tomorrow off so I’ll be puttering around here, probably read some of my new Pathfinder book, maybe some of that book I got for my birthday. I’m only on the second chapter, but it’s really interesting so far. Full of Steampunk cops investigating zombies and glowing cops and murders. Awesome.

I’m so excited to move out. I’ve half moved out to Alex’s house for while his parents are gone, then I’ll move into Harvey’s house. He is a really good dude. I wonder if he will let me paint… I have to get a new bed though, that is worrisome. My grandparents offered to buy me a couch when I moved out maybe I’ll call in that and ask for a futon and use that as a bed.

I was looking at Ikea’s website and using their build a closet thing, really fun. Well, I thought it was fun. I love internet window shopping.

I’m so glad that light outside went out, the branches were making freaky shadows on the window while I was talking with Alex. Sorry to cut short but I should get some sleep.

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All has been quiet

There hasn’t been much to report on lately. Friends work place has an opening so I am applying for it today. More physical work than I’m used to but I’m deceptively strong for my height. Sometimes manly football shoulders are good to have. *facepalm*

Going to a new restaurant tonight for supper, then watching part of the Bomber game (Football) and then an introductory Pathfinder game. We have some experienced players, and some first timers we are teaching. I’ve got a Halfling Cavalier character that I am super excited to play. It’s gonna be fun.

Well, off to drop this off!

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Odd little post

Just woke up (Yeah, I was actually asleep by midnight!) to go to the bathroom for a glass of water, and I noticed in the mirror that I had a cut over my eyebrow that was bleeding everywhere. My eyebrow itself was more blood than hair! Very strange. I must have scratched myself in my sleep. Like I scratched all my mosquito bites till they bled all over my bed. Wish I could stop that. I never had that problem before. I mean, I would scratch my scars in my sleep and they burst open all the time, but not mosquito bites. Huh. Oh well, it was the Canada Day long weekend, so they have been healing since then. They only bleed sometimes.

Going back to bed now before I have driven away anyone that might ever read this in the future. So tired.

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Oh boy.

Never let me post from my phone again! That was brutal! I had to go to my car and get my laptop out of the trunk.

This morning was shaping up to be really bad. I was dog sitting for a friend, and I had promised to clean the house for her. Work had been crazy for her and was going to continue that way so I was more than happy to help her out. But I had put it off till the day she was coming back. I planned to get up at 10. Then I pushed my alarm back to 10:30. Then 11. I finally got up feeling nauseous at quarter after. I made it to the shower and ate some pasta from yesterday’s dinner. I started feeling better and got cleaning. Then I went to work and then picked up my suitcase and cooler of food stuffs from her house and made my triumphant return. I am a little ashamed to say I did self medicate with three cups of tea. I’ve been trying to cut back on my dependence on caffeine and alcohol to moderate my moods, but when that is one of the few methods of coping I have, it’s just very hard. I’m just wondering if the two beers last night were the reason I was so down. I hope not, I like alcohol. *sigh*

Going through my files from my old phone I found some really bad quality choir performances from my little brothers final concert. Not going to post those. There was also a video that I can’t play for some reason. I’m going to have to play around with it a bit to get it to work. I feel much better after ranting a bit, I wonder if anyone actually reads this?

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot! Hi Fiona! My lovely subscriber! I<3U!

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Alot has happened.

I feel bad when i don’t upload for this long. I’ve been good. Really good. I’m almost suspicious. First i got a new phone, then i got to go on vacation to ontario for four days and help two of my very good friends get married! It was so beautiful. The cabin vacation and the lakeside wedding. *sigh*
So i’m giving my old phone to my boyfriend so i’ll be going through the files on there. I think there may be some video and pictures from when all that weird stuff was happening. Well, i thougt weird stuff was happening. I’m pretty sure i was just imagining things.
Hopefully i’ll post somethimg later today.

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Home again. Hope I don`t regret it.

I finally am feeling safe enough in my own house. I slept here last night, and now again tonight until I drive with a friend into Winnipeg to go see Trigun Badlands Rumble! So EXCITED! Things at work have been great, I’ve been feeling very calm and collected. I haven’t broken anything since the till, and I love it! I’ve been feeling much more sedate and not in one of my down phases, but normal I guess? Is this what normal people feel like? I could get used to it. I think it has something to do with the time I spent at Alex’s house. Wait a minute…

There is someone driving around our block honking his horn. I have no idea why, but it’s past midnight! Go away! I don’t even want to look out the window, I know it’s some drunk ass in a truck. I apologize if you drive a truck and are not an ass, but I live in the city of Butts In Trucks. None of them know how to drive and don’t need a truck. It makes me sick the number of times trucks have almost hit me because the driver was to jacked up to see me. Height wise and just plain dumbness. Well I have to leave the city in 6 hours so I should get some shut eye. Love you all that will read this (will anyone read this?) and have good dreams.

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